I have been creating art for as long as I can remember – drawing and painting, playing with clay from the garden, twisting wire, dripping wax, blowing glass, designing & sewing my own clothes, knitting, and building castles in the sand. All this before I was 10!
Born and bred in Liverpool (yes, I did see the Beatles at the Cavern). Came to Canada in the 60's and worked as a secretary in Ottawa. Have lived in Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Kelowna and Spain. I have lived in both Canada & the UK in all of the past 5 decades.
I've been to Art College twice. Cardiff Art College at 15, and at 44 a full-time BA course in N. Wales studying ceramics and design.
I embrace all aspects of the creative process from sketching, painting, portraits, clay modeling and plasterwork to creating sculptures with natural and found objects, my lamps for instance made from branches and rice paper that I call “Contwigurations.”
Much of my work has been described as “whimsical” and makes people smile, and that's OK by me. Art doesn't always have to be 'serious'.
I try to work a few hours each day – sometimes as many as 16 if I'm really on a roll!
Last year I have experimented with various types of papier mache. I like this medium as I can work on quite large pieces & don't have to worry about having them fired.
In recent weeks I have started creating mosaics which I'm finding to be quite delightful altho' very time-consuming (in a good way).
I've lived thru' some very tragic times in my life and have found being able to express myself thru art has helped enormously in coping with whatever life has hurled at me.
I live with my third husband, have 3 kids, 4 grandchildren & one great-grandaughter.

Contact Information for Sally

32-541 Jim Cram Drive, Ladysmith, BC